Pangkalpinang Weather Warnings


Alert Status Kepulauan Bangka Belitung It is hard to drive a vehicle on the street.; Some groups of people are isolated.; House and building start to be damaged; Some people lose their livelihoods and livestock.; Low bridges cannot be crossed.; Traffic disruption because the main road is flooded or closed.; Roads and bridges start to be damaged.; Medium scale and mid term disturbances at clean water, electricity, and gas services.; Medium scale and mid term disturbances at school and hospital operational.; Damage begin to occur on river embankments.; Landslides, rock avalanches, or soil erosio occur on a medium scale.; Infectious diseases begin to occur.; River flow volume increases/flood occur.; There is damage to some plants.; Siltation occurs on rivers and dams that they don't function.; There is a flow of debris, lava, or mud on a medium scale.; Flights are canceled or postponed.; Train trips are canceled.; Disruptions in port activities (ships, fisheries); Water pools occur in coastal areas or lowlands in medium scale.; Dangerous flood flows disrupt community activities in medium scale. Stay calm and alert.; Share / exchange information with neighbors around the house.; Be careful when doing activities outside the home.; Updating information through mass media and social media.; Looking for information through parties related to disaster.; Do not move outside the house if it is not urgent.; Coordinate with disaster related parties.

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