Wenstenberg Прогноз на 15 дней

Минимальная температура дня
Максимальная температура дня
Количество суточных осадков
Диапазон минимальных суточных температур
Диапазон максимальных суточных температур
Диапазон количества суточных дождевых осадков

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The 15 day forecast is calculated with an ensemble forecast that gives the probability of events. The daily temperature and amount of precipitation are shown as a range of 80% likelihood. There is a 10% chance that the actual temperature or amount of precipitation is lower than the probability range, and a 10% chance that it is higher.

In the temperature chart the light shading shows the 80% probability range, and the darker shading shows the 50% probability range. The curve in the middle of the darker area is the median temperature, which is the most probable temperature.

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